An Acquired Taste

There’s nothing Romantic about a cloudberry.
Cloudberry isn’t even a translation for
multebær, a word so old – as old
as Adam. As Eve:
there’s nothing cloud-like in the fruit’s tight
Nordic-flesh-colored clusters of small stone fruits
as explicit as nipples under a magnifying glass
each smooth sack a placenta
bursting to spill a bitter truth on your tongue

A raw magic grows in May
in the grooves of sticky moorlands
it grows to grow our bones
in straight lines through the long winters

when life begins from death

At Christmas we make troll cream from summer’s harvest
and the children grimace

A prompt from Dverse: Fruit.


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  1. I’ve never eaten cloudberries, Ren. The name itself is so beautiful, like a tiny poem, and I’ll take you word for it that they are an acquired taste. I love the thought of the Scandinavian name being as old as Adam and Eve, and that there is nothing cloud-like about the fruit. You use very feminine comparisons the ‘small stone fruits as explicit as nipples’ and ‘each smooth sack a placenta’ with their ‘bitter truth’. They seem linked to mythology, especially as they are made into troll cream!

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  2. I adore this whole poem! Especially the lines: as explicit as nipples under a magnifying glass / each smooth sack a placenta / bursting to spill a bitter truth on your tongue. I didn’t even know they existed! Great write 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed reading this. I am doing so while watching a powerful movie entitled “Land” by Robin Wright… excellent flick. I think you should track it down . I am watching it on Prime Video, $5.99 deep wilderness — a woman — a bare bones search for herself. Wonderfully bold and raw — like your Cloudberry here. Why do you eat something ghat does notbtaste good

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    • Hahah – these pseudo berries were one of the few sources of vitamin C in northern Norway. Kept people alive. Prevent scurvy and such.

      I have a couple weeks left of the school year, but will put the film on my list! It sounds good. I like the actress she’s become!


  4. Maybe because it is difficult and not easy and sweet, it is good because it is not mainstream, not obviously. Gotta watch “Land”. I think you would admire Robin in this bold blunt flick. I liked hour work here Ren.


  5. Ren, I would like to be your casual friend — but it must be based on honesty… no bullshit. What’s really on your mind, what’s really on mine. Of course comments on our poetry sites PLUS a brief non-poetry-site text once a week, maybe a small short phone call once a month — you place the call..This old poet, artist, Pacific Northwest mountainman, fisherman, furniture designer, rock & roller – who is bearin’ down hard on his death — wants to be your casual friend — for what time .I got left,

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    • This sounds nice, Rob! I would love to talk indie film and good poetry. And yeah – mortality. Pick up where we began – how many years ago? The time difference is … 15 hours? Is that possible??


      • You are 9 hours ahead. 8:45 AM here 5:45 PM there. Your dinner time and evening are my breakfast and morning. I see no problem there. As I think you know, I had a former career in the entertainment world with Lucasfilm. — now I am now 15-years quite completely retired, currently an active poet and artist… so I am a free man 24/7. Would enjoy and prefer chatting in realtime via Message, not publicly on our poetry sites. If you are on Apple, my iMessage realtime contact is >> <<. If your not on Apple we can realtime message chat using SMS, though I’d have to quickly ask my son to remind me how. With his consulting company, he does realtime messaging all over the world on multiple devices and platforms. You said you got a couple weeks left of school, we can do realtime message chatting after that, when you have more time. I am an old man with “lots” of time. Unless you think anything like Trump, I would enjoy occasionally chatting casually with an intelligent creative friend in Norway — at their convenience. 🙂

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    • I replied but it disappeared! – But thank you!
      If you’re someone who likes bitter and tart food – it can be pleasant. You get bitter, tart, sweet and umami all at once when it is make with sugar and cream.

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