The World is Your Oyster

A branch of forsythia waves
from the other side of the window
and grabs my attention –
maybe because the flowers are gone.

From the other side of the window
I watch the World moving through lifetimes.
It layers itself like a pearl

and grabs my attention,
an unintentional omen
a mother-of-pearl revelation

Maybe because the flowers are gone
there’s nothing to distract me
from noticing everything as an irritation

Nature Note: Pearls are created when an irritant seeds an oyster.

dVerse Poets Pub prompt – more info here


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  1. Flowers have never been much of a distraction for THIS cranky old dude – or so he’s been told by His Beloved Sandra – but he’d consider himself lucky to to have written it so well as you have done, here. Thanks.

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  2. This is incredibly, incredibly mesmerizing! 😍 You had me at the first stanza, my gaze lingered there a good few minutes before it read on. Really beautiful work! 💝💝

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  3. I have always admired your ability to see layers Ren, be they beautiful or irritants — and to express them this effectively and fluidly. So well written my friend!


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