Dust Bowl Lesson

and they enslaved the people
and the soil and in the end
everything blew away on a breeze –
so envy the earthworm’s wide open
embrace of the world giving as much
as it takes

vssnature – earthworm
vsspoem – slave*

I am uncomfortable right now using the word slave as a noun. Human beings were not/are not slaves, they were/are enslaved. I am trying to use language to retrain my brain in the important distinctions.

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  1. I admire your questioning of assumptions and labels, and how it illuminates the variance between present passive (the noun) vs external action (verb). It also raises questions, such as if an enslaved person calls him/herself the noun, rather than the verb, is that how the enslaver is able to keep them chained (either literally or proverbially via threats or isolation)? Is that enslaved person capable, or willing, to risk changing the condition of their enslavement, knowing the enslaver (are they to be categorized by nouns, too?) likely will respond harshly, even dangerously, and might succeed in re-enslaving them with some kind of punishment or torture even if they initially succeed in departing the enslavement? Because it seems to me that an enslaved person who changes their internal definition from a noun, from property, to a verb, to movement – that person very much will risk everything to change their condition – and possibly those other around them in the same predicament.

    sorry for the rant – it’s July 4th here still, late, and explosions continue to go of as people celebrate with fireworks. The last one just set off a car alarm. So the subject of property, and freedom, are in the air tonight ~

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