when I was lucky
she’d take me with her
and push me around
in the laundry trolley
while the last load
tumbled in the dryer
and everyone else
had gone home

and that’s all I am saying on this topic
for now
which surprises me
since all those years ago
I did write a poem and dared
to leave it in the notebook
for a few days – before
I ripped it out and
burned it

d’verse for Tuesday, March 30th


by the time it all came together
as she’d hoped it would
each strand had been worn so thin
so tenuous that it was only
the weaving that kept her life whole


these colors side by side should
clash and do clash and maybe
it’s only the tension that keeps
all these unformed gestures
together like a tangle of magnets
repelling, compelling

March 23rd Prompt by Laura at D’Verse
(I am a bit behind reading everyone – but will!)