she’d shed so many shells
along the way – so many incarnations –
she cemented herself like a barnacle
too jaded to bother now with a charade
of independence

Nature Notes:
Barnacles are kin to lobsters and crabs and like them, go through larval stages of developement.
Sessile means immobile


A branch of forsythia waves
from the other side of the window
and grabs my attention –
maybe because the flowers are gone.

From the other side of the window
I watch the World moving through lifetimes.
It layers itself like a pearl

and grabs my attention,
an unintentional omen
a mother-of-pearl revelation

Maybe because the flowers are gone
there’s nothing to distract me
from noticing everything as an irritation

Nature Note: Pearls are created when an irritant seeds an oyster.

dVerse Poets Pub prompt – more info here

a packed lunch
brown bag rolled at the top
where my fingers catch cramped
armful of books cutting into an elbow
loose papers wedged
between random pages
like my wrong vowels
my wrong shoes, my wrong jeans
sliding onto brown vinyl seat
a decade before safety belts

dVerse prompt from a minimalist photograph
more associative than ekphrasic – but minimalist in the sparseness of detail and the lack of narrative.