she’d shed so many shells
along the way – so many incarnations –
she cemented herself like a barnacle
too jaded to bother now with a charade
of independence

Nature Notes:
Barnacles are kin to lobsters and crabs and like them, go through larval stages of developement.
Sessile means immobile


A branch of forsythia waves
from the other side of the window
and grabs my attention –
maybe because the flowers are gone.

From the other side of the window
I watch the World moving through lifetimes.
It layers itself like a pearl

and grabs my attention,
an unintentional omen
a mother-of-pearl revelation

Maybe because the flowers are gone
there’s nothing to distract me
from noticing everything as an irritation

Nature Note: Pearls are created when an irritant seeds an oyster.

dVerse Poets Pub prompt – more info here